Soul Design for Your Blossomed Self



If you are heart-centered, spiritual, & sensitive
while oriented to practical action

If you long to release the invisible blocks that slow your dreams – despite your proven commitment to growth

If you believe in your higher potential for a life full of JOY & amazing relationships – anchored in embodied, automatic SELF-LOVE

with access to your own innate abundance & purpose – the confidence & proof that you can create as you desire…

What are you waiting for?

If you are not even sure how or where to proceed, after everything you’ve already tried…
If you wonder whether your HIGHEST dreams for Love & more are truly possible for you…

That’s where I come in.  My name is Karlita, and I promise:

Whatever seems to stand in your way,
there are clear and practical steps forward –
guided by your Soul, and grounded in what works.

If you have a dream that better is possible… IT IS!




Bloom as you were made to.

Our keys to successful creation are written on our individual Souls.

Your personal map of purpose is as unique as your DNA. You have a Soul-specific “owner’s manual.”

I help people to crack their Soul’s code
and integrate its transformative insights
for real results:  real joy, real love . . .

and real opportunities to create something completely different:
A life, at last, that’s truly a match to your Soul-nature and deepest happiness.


Your Soul, of course, is present in all that you do.
Living your Soul elevates every area of your life.


You can learn exactly how you were made to make your dreams real – differently from anyone else in the world – then be guided to blossom into your divine self.



“It’s a very unique individual who has such a high level of skill in both the spiritual & the practical – and how you bring it is rare and very powerful for a person who wants to make change.  In the 3 months we’ve been working together, I’ve made progress I’d spent 5 years working towards!”

LORI M, Colorado

EMOTIONAL EATING PSYCHOLOGY COACH; Harvard-educated former attorney

“Karlita, you lead with authenticity, bravery, and humour.  You aren’t afraid to shine the flashlight into the darkest corners, and anyone would be safe to follow you down the rabbit hole.
~ Tracey, South Africa

“Your work (and working with you) has led me through a significant transformation – one which has led me to an amazing man who I would have never been open to in the past.  I finally have the love I deserve!  Thank you, Karlita.”

SONYA B, North Carolina

“Feeling thoroughly understood by you has been
more helpful than you’ll ever know.

~ EC, New York

“The whole experience of Karlita’s Soulful Self-Love Mastery program has changed my life completely.  I’m able to speak up for myself more than I ever thought possible, to set boundaries, giving away so much less of myself, no longer holding onto my emotions or resenting people – I’m able to just speak my needs out loud so easily.  I’ve been able to start way more fulfilling relationships where I’m able to be my true self – including with this new person to love… I never even thought it was possible to be with a man i could share my feelings with!  My relationship with him is such a mirror.”

JB, Colorado


“Your guidance and support amplified my progress
in a way that could have taken me years on my own.”
~ James C, Texas

“In my work with Karlita, I felt deeply seen.  She was able to point out parts of my true self that I had never acknowledged or claimed.  She was also able to point out patterns that were sabotaging my success and share insight on what to focus on to create what I want in my life.  Karlita has a way of sharing her insight to empower you in a very loving way.  I highly recommend her!”

COLLEEN S, Massachusetts


“I feel more confident and positive about my own path ahead now.”
~ Wendy M, Oregon

“Working with Karlita has been nothing short of transformational.  A friend encouraged me to reach out to her during a time of great emotional upheaval stemming from my divorce.  I instantly built a rapport with her.  Karlita empowered me to set my own goals and priorities to guide our work together – she didn’t dictate or limit me in any way.  What she did do was empower and support my action plan for personal development while asking clarifying questions and challenging long-held assumptions and beliefs I had about myself.  The combination of life coaching, astrology, and genuine warmth and appreciation for the hard work we all have to do to get closer to our truest selves is unparalleled.  Since working with Karlita, I have an crystal clear understanding of the divine gifts I bring to the world and how I stand in the way of tapping into these gifts.  I am learning to trust in my innate ability to manifest and pursue my dreams. And most importantly, I have a workable plan for achieving the personal and career goals that I developed in consultation with Karlita’s guidance and deep expertise. ANDREA G, Texas


“Holy crap, how did you know that?!”
~ Hannah T, Mexico

“Before receiving my reading from Karlita, I felt disillusioned and exhausted.  I’d been working on a huge creative project and dealing with a large amount of emotional discomfort.  I was craving some spiritual nourishment and healing.  While working with Karlita, I felt a surge of universal Love and appreciation that renewed my sense of purpose.  The results I have experienced have given me a clearer path forward and an appreciation of what is in front of me.  I celebrate these challenges as opportunities for growth.” LAUREN W, Texas


“This is awesome… I anticipated great, but it’s even better than I anticipated.”
~ Brittany L, Louisiana

Wow, this was amazing!  So clear, on point, wise, generous, and really amazing guidance!  Also your words are so beautiful and colorful and full of energy.  So giving, generous… so tuned in and kind… like it's coming from the Universe itself, from Life, where you don't currently tap into it yourself.  This is a real gift.  I'm deeply touched.  Thank you!!!

IRINA F, New York


“It’s rare I get to talk to someone with so much joy in their life, and it’s so enlivening.”

“My session with Karlita was so deep and rich that I have listened to my recording two times now, each revealing deep jewels of understanding that are unfolding in my life.  I have had quite a few readings in the past, but Karlita brought a clarity and cohesive vision that helped me really understand what things meant for me personally.  Not only does she have an intuitive gift in seeing the overall themes that are most meaningful for me, but she is able to present it in a way that really lands in my heart and mind and opens me to a deeper level of compassion for myself.  Her explanations of the particular influences in my psyche and how they aspect different parts of my life in specific ways have been profoundly helpful for me to see how the challenging parts of my life are actually my deepest gifts.  That felt like freedom, and it supports the understanding I have of life.  She also helped me see the underlying gifts and challenges in a new romantic relationship I am in, and helped me find a way to be open to this love but keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.  Also, this was no airy-fairy reading but one that had concrete action steps and points of view that help me see how to take this information and use it to center myself and inform my career, my sense of self, my love, and my life path.  Thank you so much!”

HARMONY S, Colorado



In addition to offering online classes, I frequently appear on expert summits & podcasts.

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